G-Metco, Inc.

     G-Metco provides flux ingredients to the aluminum industry with attention to its customers' specific alloy requirements and furnace type. Products available from G-Metco include:

 + sodium aluminum tetrafluoride (SAF)
 + tap bath
 + various forms of cell bath
 + other fluorides for use in primary and secondary aluminum processes

     These products are effective for minimizing melt loss, managing melt chemistry, starting up primary cells and for furnace cleaning.

     The experts at G-Metco also provide consulting services and are pleased to offer furnace operation advice to help improve metal recovery while using the most cost-effective flux ingredients.

     References are available upon request.
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     G-Metco is interested in acquiring fluoride products for use in the aluminum industry. If your company is presently landfilling tap bath, any form of aluminum cell bath or reactive aluminum fluoride (RAlF, a.k.a. spent alumina), please contact G-Metco to find out if this waste can be put to more productive use.